What the shift to the new year is going to look like

January 1, 2022.

What I thought might be a simple caption on the socials turned into this chapter in the book of my life. I think so many can relate. Read on if you’re ready for reflection, release of a few tears, and being totally ready for pure magic on the turn of the calendar.

2021 Had:


It Also Had:


To Reflect:

It’s easier for the things that hurt, or what we might still be working through, to stand out the most. If we don’t take the time to reflect on both the good and the bad, that lingering hurt will carry through this new year. This is the chance to improve or change and bring forth what we don’t want to relive.

I spent this year picking myself back up. Relearning my strengths, mostly eager for this reset button to be found and stomped on. I learned my intuition is more powerful than one can explain. I must listen and let it lead. Ignoring it created far more pain than had I just took a moment to embrace and think through the steps and messages. If you feel it in your gut, take action. Most of what I went through was through someone else. I felt so much for others and their situation, little things of my own became louder, more emotional for me.

I look back on the massive accomplishments for my health community and have butterflies in my stomach over it, yet half the year I wasn’t able to show up what I felt was my best. Talk about highs and lows, but also how fortunate I am to have a team of people to keep me afloat. Now that I’m on fire to fully be ready and geared up to show up and not let any doubt or sadness stop me, I can see this year truly being a year of reaching heights I’ve only dreamt of.

New Beginnings:

In the next few weeks, I’m launching a series of sessions in my online group around my Top 5 Healthy Habits That Become Routine. I worked months on this plan for others to incorporate into their lives. I have spent years on each element healing my body and mind. These are things I will continue doing for my own health. To be able to walk others through it, on a more one-on-one level, will be magical to say the least. This will start Jan 11th at 12:00pm cst in my Lessons in the Dirt Facebook Group.

This is merely the beginning of a year my purpose and passion will shine even brighter as a mom, partner, health advocate, friend, and daughter. My sense of duty or obligation to a higher vision, mission, or calling propels me through the hardships of achievement. I ended the year on such high notes, so going into the new year feels really powerful.

Grab your planners, grab your best book, make that cup of tea and settle into making the best intentions for this new year. It will only be what you plan for it to be. Take action in the things you want. Get clear on exactly what it is you want. How do you want to feel? What do you want to see for yourself personally, professionally, financially, spiritually and so on? If you’ve been waiting for ‘the right time’ the ‘sign to start’ my friend, here it is. You are not alone. We all want joy, happiness, freedom, energy, confidence, fun… it’s attainable with the right tools and mindset to use them.

Here we go, 2022!

Your besTEA,


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