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Hello all! I am Jamie, Independent Consultant with Arbonne. I’m going to share with you just what Arbonne is. What the company stands for, how it could impact your life, how it is impacting mine, and ways you can get involved and be part of the health movement I’ve been talking about for years. 

I’ve been in the health and wellness field working alongside my partner Cody in his chiropractic clinic since 2016. Together we have two extraordinary kids, Arlo is 5 Airo is 1. We have grown the clinic and help many people within our community with chiropractic care, natural healing, and giving back to as many as we can. This is the meat and bones of our family and where we thrive as a couple and as parents together. 

In 2019, I opened a health and herbal healing store with the focus on herbal teas and powders to better serve our community in natural medicine. (this website) It flourished and my teas are still in many homes across the US today. In 2022, I closed the shop to focus fully on being a mom and growing another human. During that time I also lived in a home that was making me physically, and in turn, mentally sick. Like the actual structure of the home, not the environment. Over the year and through my pregnancy my body shifted and changed in ways I didn’t know could with how healthy my lifestyle already was or even how I could heal. It was a lot of the things I’d spent the years prior helping people through themselves, so all along the way I knew something wasn’t right, and once I figured out the root cause, I listed my house and completely changed my diet and have’t looked back. I don’t want to share too much about that story right now as I am still navigating through it, but maybe eventually I will. The point is that it shifted a lot of areas in my life, and I know all for the better. I am focusing more on what serves my family now and for our future.

Insert Arbonne!

Arbonne aligns with my values in a company as well as a creator of their products with what is important to me for what I put on my body or in my body.  So before I get into what they offer and how you get it, I want to share more on the values and standards of this incredible company. 

If you’ve known me in the last 8 years, you know the first thing I look at in a product is the list of ingredients. I don’t even look at what the front says or the nutritional facts. It is all about the ingredients for me, hands down, that tells me everything. Arbonne has been in business for 44 years. As a multi level marketing company which means their “employees” are people like me who spend hours researching and educating themselves on every product and it’s features. 44 years of quality control, testing, certifications that set the above all others. They match the European standards and ban over 2000 ingredients to even get near their products. That means before it hits our body, it is tested to make sure it will not harm our body. They are committed to sustainability, and consider people and the planet in every decision made within the company and for their products. That’s a big deal for nature lovers like myself.

When you are part of the company like I am, you get access to a resource that allows you to search any one ingredient and get a solid explanation of its origin, how it’s used, and why they use it. THIS IS HUGE. They of course have propriety blends because they know their rights to keeping competitors away, but the fact that they share their research behind everything is incredible. Very comforting when you are a stickler like I am on ingredients. They make every effort to be gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO, with no artificial colors, fragrance, flavors or sweeteners. No fake stuff.

Many want to know how to become a preferred client of mine. If you just want to use these products and make some amazing shifts in your life for your health and overall well-being, this is the option for you.

20% off regular product prices, as well as exclusive set and bundle offers.
EXCLUSIVE REWARDS – Opt into ReplenishMe to ensure you never run out of your favorite products!
BONUS PRODUCTS – Earn free gifts with qualifying orders each month. Such a great way to try new things – for free!
PERSONAL SHOPPER – Opt in to let me become your personal shopper, which will allow me to place orders for you whenever you want.
90-DAY RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – If you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, you have 90 days to return products. Used or not.
SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS – Each product order supports me and my family.

You can join the 30 days to healthy living program to really transform your health or simply start small and find products that align with the routine you want to create. (find more info on a previous post)

Joining my team. This is the fun part and where we truly can make an impact. Becoming an Independent Consultant on my team opens the doors of opportunity in the health world for you. Do you want to be part of a major healing impact in our country? Help your family financially while helping others? Have more flexibility in time and income – something we cannot get enough of? I could go on but if you’ve been itching for MORE in your life with meaning, purpose and healing, THIS is for you. Join my team to learn from some of the best in the business of growth and healing.

The community. This is a diverse and inclusive community with global team members who serve as advocates for overall wellness. Right up my ally. We meet weekly and monthly across the company. The accountability is top notch and something amazing to have in your toolbox, personally and professionally. 

The products. Obviously you get discounts for the things you will use daily but you also earn from sharing them with others. Win win.

Online tools and training. This is big. There are so many valuable resources for training and truly growing your business with what is offered in the Arbonne community and business, from corporate and our national team. If you are already a small business owner and just want to add additional services or products with a high earnings reward, the amount of knowledge you will gain for strategic growth is worth every bit of the cost to get started. 

Earnings. With one of the best commission structures and recognition platforms I’ve ever seen, the potential for financial growth within Arbonne is limitless. Limitless. You do the work, you get rewarded big time. You help others, you help yourself and your family.

Global impact. As a Certified B Corporation, Arbonne meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. The corporate philosophy includes giving back to the community on a local level and being responsible members of this planet. This is a pretty solid thing to be part of these day.

Arbonne’s mission is to empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living. In this company, we all believe in a holistic approach to better physical, emotional, mental, and environmental health, and overall wellbeing to help everyone flourish inside and out. The philosophy embraces the relationship between clean, effective plant-based products, conscious sustainability practices, and connecting people together for their healthy living journey. How amazing is that to be part of?! I am honored and proud of these steps within a company, for my family, and community.

This video is about everything discussed above!

Watch to learn more about my journey with Arbonne and how you can be part of it with me!

Here are the links to help you decide how to get started:

Green Gut Glow
The Essentials
Healthy Habits Full Set

***Just a little friendly reminder, I am not here to cure, treat, or prevent alignments, disease, or anything a professional medical provider might diagnose. This is a LIFESTYLE that you have chosen to eat, sleep, live, and breath. You are in charge of your decisions and health. Proceed with knowledge and education.*** Full disclaimer below.

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