by the ounce + used in our products

Organic Ashwagandha

Organic Astragalus 

Organic Basil

Organic Bay Leaves

Organic Bee Pollen Granules

Organic Beeswax Pellets

Organic Beet Root Powder

Organic Black Pepper

Organic Burdock Root

Organic Cacao Nibs

Organic Cilantro

Organic Chaste Tree Berries

Organic Chia Seed

Organic Chicory Root

Organic Cinnamon Granules

Organic Coriander Powder

Organic Curry Powder

Organic Cut and Sifted Angustifolia Herb

Organic Cut and Sifted Echinacea Root

Organic Cut and Sifted Hibiscus Flowers

Organic Cut and Sifted Lemon Verbena

Organic Cut and Sifted Orange Peel

Organic Cut and Sifted Rosehips

Organic Dandelion Root and/or Powder

Organic Dill Weed

Organic Elderberries

Organic Flaxseed

Organic Garlic

Organic German Chamomile

Organic Ginger Root

Organic Granulated Orange Peel

Organic Ground Cinnamon

Himalayan Salt

Organic Jasmine Flowers

Organic Lavender Flowers

Organic Lemongrass

Organic Licorice Root

Organic Powdered Milk Thistle Powder

Organic Mugwort

Organic Oregano

Organic Parsley

Organic Peppermint Leaf

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf

Organic Rosemary

Sea Salt

Organic Stinging Nettle Leaf

Organic Thyme

Organic Turmeric Root Powder

Organic Whole Fennel Seed

Organic Whole Rosehips

Organic Whole Seed Fenugreek

Valerian Root

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