Healthy Bone Broth Recipe

Let’s talk about bone broth and the health benefits. And even better, how about Jamie’s recipe! Bone broth is one the most healing and nutritional foods you can consume. With nutrients like collagen and gelatin, bone broth can boost skin health, improve joint function, and heal and protect your digestive system.

Bone broth has become one of the trendiest superfoods due to its delicious, savory taste and rich content of health-boosting vitamins and minerals. It’s no surprise that people are rushing to cook it at home – and it’s super easy to make. What’s best, it can be conveniently be made from the leftovers of a baked or roasted chicken. Frequent consumption can help boost immune system defenses, as well as bone and hair health.

Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Improves Digestion
  • Supports the Immune System
  • Helps Bones Grow
  • Increases Energy Levels
  • Provides Amino Acids
  • Protects Kidney Function
  • Makes Your Skin Glow
  • Delivers Nutrients
  • Fights the Flu
  • Protects Joints

Jamie has been making this on a weekly basis… yes, it’s that easy! One thing she is LOVING is adding our Flame tea to the mix. Bringing out the anti-inflammatory properties from those herbs and adding a kick to the taste!

If you like this recipe, share with a friend and let us know how it goes for you! You can easily reheat and drink by the cup or use in any recipe you need a liquid ingredient to add some great flavor. Get creative and enjoy!



  • 1 large beef bone + 3 chicken legs [free range or organic]
  • 3 celery stalks, chopped
  • 2 C of carrots, chopped
  • 3-4 chopped beets or 2 tsp beet powder
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 5 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 tsp Himalayan salt
  • 1 *Tbs Flame Tea from Next to Nature
  • 3 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tsp thyme
  • 2 tsp rosemary
  • 2-3 bay leaves
  • 2 tsp basil leaves
  • 2 Tbs fresh ginger chopped [optional]
  • 4-5 radish chopped
  • 12 C filtered water [or fill pot


  • Place all ingredients in a crockpot. Add water.
  • Cook on warm setting for 8-12 hours. [If on stovetop, cook 4-5 hours on low-medium heat, let set on stove until cooled.
  • Remove heat and allow to slightly cool.
  • Discard solids from pot with spoon and strainer. These will not have any flavor or nutrients, compost if you can.
  • Let broth cool to room temperature, place in covered containers until you are ready to drink or cook with!
  • Use within 1 week or freeze up to 3 months.

** Dry ingredients, tea blend + ACV can be found in our store.**

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