7 Simple Steps to Brewing Delicious Next to Nature Tea

Herbal teas are actually very easy to make and don’t have to just be for the pleasure of drinking – the health benefits are bountiful! Not to mention they are very delicious! Teas are used to support specific parts of the body and specific imbalances. They can also be consumed on a daily basis to nourish and support general wellbeing. 

Herbal teas can be used to build immunity, increase energy, strengthen organs, relax mind and body, help with restful sleep, enhance memory, improve circulation, aid digestion, soothe joint and muscle pain, ease allergy symptoms, and boost your mood!

What is the difference between a cup of herbal tea intended as a simple beverage and one intended to support health and wellness?

Generally it’s a matter of the dose and/or the concentration of constituents in the tea. The herb-to-water ratio might be higher, steeped longer, or consumed more frequently throughout the day for tea that is meant for a certain area of wellness.

Did you know there are some key techniques to brewing the best cup of tea?! Here is how to make a tasty herbal infusion:

​Tea Supplies:

-fresh or dried herbs (see our dried, blended options)

-mortar or pestle (optional for breaking down herbs)

-kettle or stainless steel pot for boiling water (avoid use of aluminum or Teflon)

-teapot, French press, or stainless steel tea strainer/mesh ball (strainer)

-heat-safe glass jar or your favorite mug

​Tea Directions:

1. Bring water to a boil in a teapot or pot.
2. While the water is heating, crush herbs in your hand or with mortar or pestle to help weaken the plant’s cell walls. Place herbs in a strainer.
3. Pour hot water over the herbs. (After it has stopped boiling.
4. Cover the vessel/mug to prevent the herb’s volatile oils from escaping with the steam.
5. Steep for 5-20 minutes, or up to 8 hours for more nourishing infusions. This is where your desired flavor and strength of the tea will come in.
6. Filter, after steeping, using the tea strainer. Press on the herbs to squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
7. Consume right away, or within 24 hours after straining if refrigerated. 

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