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How to Get Comfortable Talking Health Without Shame

Updated: May 23

We help a lot of people struggling with health issues. Some topics are very sensitive, others are nitty gritty to the point. We take every step to be mindful of how we are asking questions and making recommendations. We get the facts out there without making customers feel like everything they have been doing for the last few years is unfathomable or unheard of, or worse, the wrong thing. After all, every body is unique in its own way.

People want education around health topics. Many people need education about their health.

Then there are some who don't want any advice at all or get very offended if offering help. How do you deal with those when you know something has to give?

Educate yourself on how to approach that type of person. They will listen, you just have to say the information in a way that they can hear without hurting their feelings or immediately telling you, “I’ve tried that” or “that’s not for me.” Relatives, anyone?

For those of us who are educated in a specific area, when someone totally disregards something you feel very passionate about, because you have spent a lot of time learning, remember, there are billions of other people out there who need your insight and help. Move on. Sometimes, no matter how you say something or how worried you are, some people will 100% not take your advice for anything, and it might hurt your feelings just as much. The important thing to remember is that you can always just say, "I am here for you when you would like to learn more.”

Instead of: "You should not eat that."

Try: "I've heard great results with cutting out..."

Instead of: "That is really bad for you."

Try: "I have read a lot on 'that' causing headaches, would you be open to finding a better option or alternative?"

Instead of: "Doing that is why you feel bad."

Try: "Have you looked into the side effects of 'that' to see if it aligns with how you feel? I'd be happy to send you more information too."

EDUCATE instead of demand

ENCOURAGE instead of shame, question, or put down

Let’s chat this hot word “shaming” a bit.

Shaming is real, especially in the online world. Body shaming. Mom shaming. Health shaming. Judgy judgers are out there, for real. How are you going to show up and handle this though? How are you going to limit the idea you could shaming?

Sharing a difference of opinion with backed research is not shaming.

Expressing beliefs about what our bodies would benefit from is not shaming.

Sharing education is not shaming.

Talking about the problems that toxic products cause is not shaming.

Talking about the benefits of clean, healthy food is not shaming.

Information is just that: information. It's not about you or me. It's not personal.

Take advice with sincere appreciation. Give advice with sincere education.

If you know Jamie, you might know that how she hears or reads words is ALWAYS in a positive manner, not matter how disturbed, rude, or just out of place something might be. She is very easily able to brush something off and refocus her energy around what is right in the world. Who doesn’t want to have this sense of peace?

It doesn’t just happen though. It is getting things right mentally, educating yourself in all kinds of areas of life. Being open to others conversation and suggestions is important as well.

Always remember, WORDS HAVE POWER. If you do not think before you speak, you can send someone in the wrong direction for their health or someone they care for.

Educate yourself to educate others.

Let's do a quick example:

Friend 1 - “My baby has a bad diaper rash, nothing topical helps or different diapers.”

What not to say: "Oh, you use that brand. No wonder your baby has a diaper rash."

Friend 2 - “Oh no! Rashes are no fun! We have to remember, diaper rashes aren't always caused by what is on baby's skin. Often, what type of food baby is eating can affect their skin, especially in sensitive areas. Or even what momma is eating if nursing. Such things like a prebiotic and probiotics can really help, and they are much safer for baby! Would you like me to help you find a good brand?”

You can be a resource for many. You may also need to take the advice of someone who has done a lot of research as well. Sometimes just trying what someone suggests can make all the difference. For your mental and physical health. If the source is trusted and well educated, what is holding you back?

You are not supposed to feel pain, bloated, achy, or tired all the time. Take the steps by listening to someone who works with others on a regular basis, and find answers.

NOT health shaming, but EDUCATING. Help others heal.

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