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Get to Know the Sioux City Wellness Community | Special Guest | Lilith Brandt Reiki Master Teacher

Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Lilith Brandt, provides a powerful yet soothing healing experience. Reiki is a relaxation technique that promotes healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Relax clothed on a table while Lilith guides you into a state of deep relaxation with singing bowls and guided visualization. Healing energy flows from the healers' hands and gently removes blocks from the body and auric field. Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing & the Infrared Tourmaline/Jade heated mat are also offered to enhance every healing session!

Get to know Lilith more with our Q&A below. You will find ways to connect with her, as well as how you can become a client at Whole Soul Co-Op. This is a lot to learn about the healing abilities Lilith has to offer! We hope you learn more from

Where are you from?

I was raised in the hospitality business in rural South Dakota where my family owned and operated the ‘Dew Drop Inn’. I am grateful for my roots and everything I learned about managing a small business and cooperating with others.

How did you get started?

I am a life-long empath and highly sensitive intuitive, which eventually led to my discovery of Reiki and energy work. Before I discovered energy work, I was often overstimulated by the emotions of others and suffered from panic attacks and depression as a result of being highly sensitive.

Why did you choose this path?

My sister, LMT Hope Fawcett, suggested taking a Reiki class and everything changed for me. After being attuned, I had tools to help me manage my personal energy and realized that my sensitivity could be used to help heal others as well! I can’t even begin to count the blessings that have entered my life since I took my first Reiki training and I never would have expected to be where I am today. Today, I am a wife and mother of an energetic 2-year-old boy. In 2018 I started up my personal practice and my sister and I created ‘Catalyst Healing: Massage & Reiki’ where we shared a single room office on Morningside. After receiving my Holy Fire Reiki Master training in May of 2019, I knew we were going to need a bigger space to teach classes, so we began our search and found what is today known as the ‘Whole Soul Co-op: Your One-Stop Wellness Shop!’

What do you enjoy most about what you do every day? Here I teach Holy Fire Reiki classes and offer powerful healing sessions, which incorporate energy work, guided meditations, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy & Vibrational Therapy for a complete holistic healing experience. My favorite part of my sacred work is teaching people how to do Reiki and watching them become empowered healers capable of raising the vibration themselves and of those around them!

What are your specialties and what might set you apart from others alike? The Co-op is a collaboration of small business owners that are dedicated to raising the vibration of Sioux City by providing unique holistic health services, natural products, and the support they need to care for their physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual well-being. The services we offer are massage, Reiki, Re-posturing, Body Talk, Intuitive & Psychic Readings.  We also have a variety of art, unique gifts, natural self-care products, crystals and other metaphysical supplies.  Stop by sometime for a cup of tea or kombucha and visit with one of our Tea Tenders at 3905 Floyd Blvd, Downtown Leeds across the street from the Dollar General.

What do you, or your office, have fun coming up this year? One thing Whole Soul is really looking forward to this summer is Leeds Days which is 3 day street festival packed with all kinds of family fun! Leeds Days is the second weekend in June and begins with a street parade and a vendor fair at the Leeds Splash Pad. There will be food trucks, live music and a car show Sunday evening. Come visit some of the Co-op vendors at the park or stop by our permanent location for chair massage, bodywork and Reiki mini sessions. It’s sure to be a fun packed weekend for all!

If you are interested in learning or receiving Reiki you can call or text 712-566-5505 or visit my personal business page: Catalyst Healing Reiki Center on Facebook or explore our business page on facebook www.facebook.com/WholeSoulCoop. I am also a member of Siouxland Zen and Jukai recipient which is a 5 year commitment to the practice of Mondo Zen Meditation. If you are curious or need support in your meditation practice then feel free to contact me or join us for Monday Night Meditation; 7pm @ 4600 Hamilton Blvd at the First Congregational Church, upper parking lot.

Whole Soul Business Hours Monday: 9am-6pm Tuesday:9am-12pm Wednesday:9am-6pm Thursday: 12pm-6pm Friday: 12pm-6pm Saturday: 12pm-4pm Sunday: closed

*Evening sessions 6-8pm by appointment only

3905 Floyd Blvd, Downtown Leeds, across from DG Call or text 712-566-5505

Shifting Consciousness Towards a Brighter Future!

Lilith Brandt-Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer & Zen Meditator

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