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Get to Know the Sioux City Wellness Community | Special Guest | Molly Pace LMHC, ATR

Our paths to better health cross for different reasons. When we have a community and support system to help us along the way, better results come through.

We are excited to flourish our Wellness Community Special Guest Series with a dear friend of mine, a creative soul, Wife, Mother, and passionate healer, Molly Pace, owner of He[art] Therapy in downtown Sioux City.

"We all struggle with external situations and life circumstances, but no matter what the situation is, we are an individual dealing with it."

Molly enjoys working with individuals to process and explore the ways of navigating life, being a witness to that in order to develop ways of existing gracefully through it all. She has been helping clients transform their lives, relationships, and dreams from the ground up for many years.

We did a Q&A so you could get to know who she is, as well as her profession. Enjoy!

Where are you from?

"Minnetonka, Minnesota. I grew up in the twin cities and made the move to Sioux City for college. In case anyone wants to know, I am a Vikings fan."

Fun fact!

How did you get started in your profession?

"I've always known that I liked art and that I wanted to help people. I never knew that there was a way of combining these two passions until I took a course in college called "Grad School Prep." In this class I learned about Art Therapy as a graduate program. To learn more about this, I took a semester in Chicago in which I interned with an Art Therapist. Getting to really see and feel the impact that art had on healing people was life changing for me! It made me decide to pursue a career in Art Therapy."

How amazing that art and healing have such a profound connection. Molly shows these two together very well in sessions and her social media.

Why did you chose that path?

"I chose this path because it felt true to who I am. I am creative, passionate, and unique but I also care deeply about helping people. You know that cliche saying, “starving artist”, well I grew up feeling like being an artist wasn’t enough. I explored other paths because I wanted to be able to support myself and my family some day, but none of those paths felt right. When I actually started doing something that made my soul feel good, well thats the path I took all the way. And guess what, I am not a starving art therapist."

YES! It is so important to have a greater picture when choosing a career and path for your future. 

What do you enjoy best about what you do each day?

"Helping people. I know that sounds cliche too, but seriously. It is increidble to me how much trauma effects each and everyone of us. It is not the big things in life that you think about like physical abuse, sexual abuse, war, disasters- although yes those things are all very much traumatic- but its also the little things like not feeling seen or understood, medical conditions, family dynamics, addiction, poverty, bulleying, etc. When I hear and see that people are suffering, it breaks my heart. When we work together and part of them is healed and relieved of that suffering, my heart beats with them. It is a beautiful and sacred process the work I do, I truly feel blessed to do it."

You make such a great impact, we are so lucky to have you in our community to bring light to the areas people so desperately need help with.

What are your specialties and that might set you apart from others alike?

"Art and Healing!!! In my practice, He(art) Therapy, I have combined these two things. I think many people seek therapy for healing, but understanding what that looks like, varies from person to person. I have found that one place we can all meet to connect is through art. I love offering this opportunity to access creativity and see everyone’s uniqueness- but I also want to help people heal. So Art is part of that, but mostly its just fun. Healing on the other hand is the mucky stuff we have to go through so we can get to that place where we can have fun. I use EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) as a major tool in my practice. This technique is the most helpful in my experience with treating trauma. I’ve been able to witness people’s healing as they unearth their traumas and put in the work to release them through self love and care. It’s really about getting the body on board n connection with the mind. And that takes time!!! I assist people on this journey and hopefully along the way we make art."

This is beautiful. Just beautiful. It makes so much sense to give our minds the time needed to work through trauma. Connecting that work through art has an brings about a connection that can unfold the healing. 

What do you, or your office, have fun coming up this year?

"He(art) Art It is a group I am starting to offer more opportunities for creativity in this community. We will meet each month to create an art project that goes along with a theme and message. For example, this month’s He(Art) Art Group will be making fluid paintings. But we are not just making art - this class is about grounding. We will be learning about this therapeutic tool and how it can utilized in our self care practices. We will be using a prayeror inn-vocation (individuals welcome to bring or use their own). We will be weaving the concepts of creativity, art, grounding tools, and spirituality. Next month’s will be totally different- so stay tuned for updates on classes."

Sign me up - this sounds incredible! Be sure to check out the event page for all the registration details.

What is one random fact about yourself others might not know?

To get to know Molly on a little bit of a different level, we asked her to tell us one random fact about herself. "I dream of being at the final table of the world series of Poker. Never know….might still happen."

We will be supporting you all the way!

Learn more about the He(art) Art: Connecting Art and Spirituality through creative expression. event!

He(art) Therapy on Facebook

Contact Info:

Molly Pace LMHC, ATR He(art) Therapy 411 Pearl St. Sioux CIty, IA 51101 (712) 318-3351

This was so much fun and such an honor to have Molly has a guest for Getting to Know our Wellness Community!

Let us know what you thought of this special series! Leave a comment below.

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