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Meet Our Team | Health Hutch Advisor | Hali

Updated: May 23

Hali first came to the store as a very inviting, knowledgable, and passionate customer. I knew right away her presence would be accepted in the store, in some way. She is now part of the team and plays an amazing role in the education piece of our mission. Hali is a Nutritional Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Mother to her 2-year old son. Her experience and education makes her such a great fit for the store and our health community. Enjoy getting to know her a bit more and what all she has to offer our space.

One thing you must know, because I did not until after a few weeks of her working, that her name is pronounced “Hay-lee” but she will answer to “Hai-li.” :)

Hali is a Sioux City Native, passionate about all things health and healing. Her journey started 7 years ago after fighting inflammation and a caffeine/sugar addiction. She sought help through nutrition and supplementation guidance from a Holistic Doctor, which is where it all began for her healing journey. Sticking to the basics of health and realizing her own healing gifts, she enrolled in school as a Nutritional Coach. After finishing school and getting clear about her niche market, she revealed her love for helping other women, and specifically moms, (any and all variations of the word “mom”) heal from their own ailments using tools like meal plans, breath-work, meditation, education, and a whole lot of cheerleading to get them feeling more energized, lighter, and more like their True Selves.

What made you want to work at Next to Nature?

“When I found out that a special shop like Next to Nature existed in Sioux City, I knew I had to work there. I was dreaming with God about finding myself a part-time job where I could use my gifts and education to bring more light and love to Siouxlanders. After visiting for the first time it was like a, “yes, PLEASE” to what I had desired for this area to receive so, it was then that I reached out to Jamie to see if she could get me on the schedule even super part-time. With joy and mutual affection, she decided to hire me and the rest is history!”

What do you hope to bring the the Next to Nature Health Hutch Community?

“I am hoping to add some loving support to the Health Hutch with nutritional nuggets. This is my passion and purpose in life to help others heal through education and support — the Health Hutch is the perfect way to reach each of you!"

What is a fun fact we must know?

“Did you know that the word “protein” is referred to the 20 amino acids needed for the body? 11 of those are already created by the body itself, but we need the other 9 from an outside source. The green food, Spirulina, contains the 9 essential amino acids we need and is actually known to have a higher count of protein than red meat!”

We are so glad we have this superfood in our store as a supplement and powder! Such a great fact!

How can others connect with you?

“I currently offer 1:1 coaching; there’s a 3 mo program, meeting weekly or you can pay as you go.”

My contact information is:

Email (click to send)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/_blossomhealth

Facebook: www.facebook.com/healingwithhali

I hope you connect with Hali and really get a sense of her energy and passion. She brings so much to our community and the store. Nutrition plays a vital role in our health, so having her along side us is a dream come true, for all of us.

Feel free to reach out, she offers a 30 minute discovery call at no charge.

If you haven’t joined the Next to Nature Health Hutch, a free private Facebook community to ask questions, get access to products first, and share your journey with others in an intimate space, click the image below to get access!

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