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Fight Fatigue Naturally

Updated: May 23

Let’s talk fatigue.

More and more people today are feeling the side effects of fatigue and not listening to their bodies before it's too late. Then, physical and mental sickness will hit and it's downhill from there. Dragging at work, not feeling like cooking a good meal, missing out on social fun or even alone time, so much is lost when not listening to our bodies cues to slow down, and replenish what it needs.

Fatigue is a generalized feeling of tiredness, weak, or faint, in contrast to feeling sleepy, or desiring sleep.  It is overall weariness, or exhaustion when extreme fatigue kicks in. It occurs in association with a wide variety of other symptoms, and its origin can be obscure. We must not ignore the signs of fatigue our body sends us. Doing so has been shown to lead to illness, disease, anxiety, or depression.

Here are some more natural ways to fight fatigue and help your body and mind stay positive with lasting energy.


The deficiency of vital nutrients is the underlying issue in virtually all instances of fatigue. We are on the go, over-worked, over-booked, and under-eating the key foods with vitamins our body needs to repair and continue at a decent pace.

Vitamin B1 - foods like beef, nuts, legumes; fruit and vegetables such as cauliflower, oranges, eggs, potatoes, asparagus, and kale.

B6 - foods like fish, turkey, chicken, oats, and eggs.

B-Unstressed supplement in store. All the essential Bs for energy and stress recovery. A must have!

Magnesium - often recommended at the store, this nutrient is key for relaxation and proper sleep. Replenishing this with either foods like bananas and spinach, or through supplementation regularly is vital. Our powdered drink for bedtime has helped many customers sleep better and have lasting energy throughout the day.

Fish oil! Omega3s - either through wild caught salmon or a high quality supplement.

Processed Sugar, JUST SAY NO! That is a whole other article we will soon share. No sugar, period. If you must consume, stay away 4 hours before time to start winding down for the day. Drink plenty of filtered water, and limit caffeine as well.


There is such a need for energy conservation slightly before or after fatigue takes over. The body must restore several balances that have been disturbed. That ability to connect with the quiet, calm center of your being is invaluable to recovery and maintaining better energy. Join a yoga class, listen to soft music, but the key is to actually listen to your breathing and what you body is telling you. This does not have to be complicated or last long. Meditation can be as quick as 4 minutes and still be effective. Sit, listen, feel, restore.


Wait, more movement when your body is already tired? Yes! Fatigue is exercise deficiency. Meaning, the physical exercise leading to conditioning tends to remove feelings of fatigue. It helps with better sleep, ie recovery for you body, and helps unclog your brain. Walk 15-20 minutes per day, do 30 squats over your chair, walk some stairs for 10 minutes. Simple is still effective.

Chiropractic care:

When your nervous system is weak, getting adjusted is at the forefront of better health and healing. Not to mention injury prevention or quicker recovery. Local to Sioux City? Schedule your appointment with Dr. Davis - mention this post to get your first visit for only $20. Yay for living next to nature! Side note: he is in the same building as the store. Win-win!

If you think your fatigue might be more serious with an underlying issue, seek help through a healthcare professional, or reach out to Jamie through our contact form for advise on healing from within.

We have several recommended products in the store to help fight fatigue. See our store hours below for a time to stop in to browse and speak to Jamie about what might work best for your needs.

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