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Skin Health with Calendula and Rose Infusion

Updated: May 23

There are many factors when it comes to skin health, like diet, our environmental surroundings, the products we use, etc. Sometimes, you just need to get some plants to create something soothing and gentle for your skin to help it heal and glow.

Let's chat the benefits of plants like Calendula and Rose.

Health Benefits of Calendula:

The effective compounds within Calendula help soothe and visibly improve skin. By helping to reduce discomfort, Calendula petals help skin look smooth, radiant and dewy-fresh. These compounds even help skin resist early signs of aging over time including dull skin, dry fine lines, and uneven skin tone and texture.

About the Calendula Plant:

Calendula is an herbaceous annual that grows up to 15 inches tall and can be direct seeded or started in pots and transplanted into the garden or larger pots. Seeds may take up to two weeks to germinate. Calendula isn’t picky about the soil that it grows in, but it does prefer full sun.

Calendula produces orange or yellow flowers that can be harvested soon after opening when they feel a bit sticky. Collect individual flowers as they bloom and more blooms will follow all summer. Dried flowers can be infused into oil for topical use or made into tincture or tea. Calendula flower petals are also edible and make a beautiful addition to salads and confections.

Keep reading about our infusion!

Health Benefits of Rose Petals and Buds:

Rose has been used for years for the skin benefits. Antioxidant, hydrations, redness remover, and wrinkle combating abilities, rose is excellent for skin health! Roses have anti-inflammatory properties. Plus since they have astringent and antibacterial properties, they are especially wonderful for people with oily and acne-prone skin types. Rose extracts are high in vitamin C, so they help to stimulate collagen and are high in vitamin E, which is very moisturizing.

About the Rose Plant:

A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, in the family Rosaceae, or the flower it bears. There are over three hundred species and tens of thousands of cultivars. They form a group of plants that can be erect shrubs, climbing, or trailing, with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles.

Calendula and Rose Infusion:

1 cup calendula flowers

1 cup rose petals and buds

9 ounces grapeseed oil (great for your skin too)

16 ounce mason jar

1 small cut square of cheese cloth


Place flowers in wide mouth mason jar, slowly pour grapeseed oil over flowers covering them with close to an inch over the flowers. Date 4-6 weeks for infusion. Wait patiently until that date. Strain flowers, place in another jar for easy use. Store in dark space while infusing and for application.

Calendula Salve from Infusion:


1 cup calendula flower infused oil

1-2 oz wax (beeswax, carnauba, organic soy, jojoba wax)


  • Place infused oil into saucepan over low heat

  • Grate 1-2 oz of wax (depending on the salve consistency you desire) and add to the warmed oil. Continue to heat the mixture (over low heat), stirring with a sterilized spoon until the wax has melted.

  • Dip a sterilized spoon into the formula and place it into a refrigerator so the salve will cool quickly and you can determine if its consistency is what you desire. If the sample is too soft, add a little more wax to the warm salve; if the sample is too hard, add a little more on the infused oil.

  • If desired, add vitamin E oil and/or essential oil and stir to mix into the salve. If adding essential oil, wait until the mixture has cooled down significantly, but is not yet solid.

  • While warm, pour individual portions into appropriate containers and allow to cool at room temperature.

You can use the infusion for your skin or make it into a salve for a thicker application. All around, excellent benefits for healing and replenishing! Enjoy!

If you need any of the supplies, message us so we can get them in or hold aside what we have for you!




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