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Next to Nature has become the go-to herbal tea and powdered blends line for health and wellness. This handmade line of carefully selected herbs brings great satisfaction as well as comfort in a product crafted with love. You can find our products in retail locations around Sioux City, IA or when working one-on-one with Jamie for lifestyle consultation. 

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Jamie makes her teas from the best quality herbs and florals. Some are made for specific areas of ...
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Herbs we use in our products Alfalfa Leaf Anise Seeds Apple Cider Vinegar Powder Ashwagandha Powder Ashwagandha Root ...
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13 Essential Tools and Equipment for Making Baby Food

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

Essential tools and equipment for making baby food Cooking baby food is really pretty simple! All you need to do is make sure the food is super soft (at the start) and either purée or mash it. The tools you need to prep, cook, mash, and purée aren’t really that complicated. Most are probably already […]

Homemade Baby Food: 5 Benefits to Making Your Own

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of homemade baby food in your home: I always recommend preparing homemade baby food as it has many advantages. There is a common misconception of the time it takes and storage challenges but in reality, making, preparing and freezing homemade baby food is simpler than you may […]

4 Recipes for Baby, Toddler and Family

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

Meal planning can seem overwhelming for most, but spending a few hours 1 day a week can save you a lot of time crunching stress, or even help when something throws your routine off and you need to improvise. Not to mention, the health benefits will add up! We have put together a lot of […]

The Cycle Phases: How to Take Care of Yourself During Ovulation

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

Whether you’re trying to conceive or not, did you know ovulation is the most important phase in your cycle? Proper ovulation sets you up for one of two things: pregnancy or a healthy, pain-free period. That’s right…pain-FREE; just as it should be! What is going on in the body? Cycles are counted from the first […]

The Cycle Phases: Learning About the Right Care for your body during Menstruation

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

Your menstrual cycle isn’t just a period, then nothing, then another period. It’s a hormone-driven cycle that breaks down into four phases: menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and last but not least, the luteal phase. Each of these phases tell us a lot about our bodies. This week we are diving into the first stage, menstruation.] The […]

The Cycle Phases: Taking Care of Your Body During the Follicular Phase

By Jamie Vess | December 14, 2021

This week around the store and on socials we’ve been diving into the second phase of our monthly cycle: the follicular phase. This is such a unique time in our cycle as our hormones fluctuate and our energy shifts. Spring has sprung in our bodies and there are ways that we can support this phase […]

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Jamie's Mission

jamie vess next to nature

Jamie's mission is to provide quality products and service through education and leadership, with a little fun, to best represent her passion and purpose...

Better health and herbal teas!

Kind Words

Thank you for your help and suggestions. I bought probiotics, Cleanse powdered blend, and No Go Heavy Flow. All amazing products and am really seeing a difference...the most amazing is the No Go Heavy Flow. I have suffered from terrible cramps and heavy bleeding with endometriosis for over 30 years, always using Ibuprofen 800 mg and a heating pad those first few days. Not this time! For the first time ever, I didn't have to take Ibuprofen or even the heating pad thanks to the No Go Heavy Flow!! This is a miracle. My cramping was hardly noticeable! I've been more mindful of what I eat as well as exercising, and that in combination of your products has been a life changer! Thank you so much! I've been telling everyone to try this.

Kathy C

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"This is the best holistic store in Sioux City. They have so much to offer! I love their loose leaf herbal teas! I've tried several and not only do they taste great, they really do help! I love this shop. I bet they have exactly what you're looking for!"

-Jennifer Allen

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"Hands down favorite store in Sioux City! From the first time I stepped foot in there Jamie and her staff made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. I’ve been going in every week for months now and any health issue/concern I have had Jamie has helped tremendously. The atmosphere itself is very inviting and cozy, the staff is super friendly, and the prices are affordable. I’m obsessed with the organic loose leaf teas that Jamie is constantly creating; as well as her own skin care line that has completely evened out and cleared my face! Every time you go in it’s like a personalized shopping experience, I highly recommend."

-Yesica Flores

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Great way to end the day... Stopped by the cutest little Health Store and they had all of my goodies all ready for me. The staff were very helpful in making a vitamin change! I would highly recommend stopping in to see Jamie and her staff for a healthier you or for any of your whole health needs. Thank you Miss Jamie!

-Jamie Beaver