Capsules Made In House From The Highest Quality Herbs:


Maca Root -

Men's Blend -

Maca Plus

Kids One Daily - Supports Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Kids B Complex - Supports Cognitive Function and A Sense of Calm

Vegan B12 - Supports Healthy Energy Levels

Bone Health - Helps Maintain Strong Bones

Thyroid Strength - Maintains Healthy Thyroid Balance and Function

Zinc - Promotes Immune Health

Complex C - Helps Support the Immune System

Vitamin D3 *2000 IU* - Supports Immune and Bone Health

One Daily - Supports Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Immune Defense - 5 Day Intense Wellness Plan

Calcium - Helps Maintain Bone and Teeth Health

Calcium and Magnesium - Helps Maintain Bone and Cardio Health

Magnesium - An Essential Mineral for Muscle Function

Baby and Me - Supports the Health of Mother and Developing Child

Multi for Women - Supports Health and Wellbeing

Baby and Me2 - Supports the Health of Mother and Developing Child

Multi for Men - Supports Health and Wellbeing

Turmeric Strength for Whole Body - Maintain a Healthy Inflammation Response

C Defense Gummies - Supports Daily Immune Function

D3 *1000 IU* Wellness Gummies - Supports Bone, Muscle and Immune Health

B12 Energy Gummies - Supports Cellular Energy Production

Daily C Protect Powder - Nutrient Booster Powder

Daily Energy - Nutrient Booster Powder

Kids Daily Immune Powder - Promotes a Healthy Immune Response

Kids Daily Multi Powder - Promotes Healthy Development and Wellbeing

Daily Maca Plus for Men - Nutrient Booster Powder

Daily Maca Plus for Women - Nutrient Booster Powder

MegaFlora Plus Probiotic - Supports Healthy Digestive & Immunity

MegaFlora Probiotic for Baby and Me - Supports Health of a Pregnant Mother & Developing Baby

MegaFlora Women's Probiotic - Supports Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health

MegaFlora Kids Probiotic - Promotes Healthy Immune & Respiratory Functions


Lymphatic Support Herbal Blend (1 oz) - is formulated to assist the lymphatic system by supporting immune function and providing antioxidants.

Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Multivitamin (32 oz)  - Help prepare your body for pregnancy and support it throughout and after with this vitamin and mineral complex.

Adrenal & Focus Herbal Blend (1 oz) - is formulated to benefit those who suffer from adrenal exhaustion and brain fog.

D3 + B12 Gummies (60 Count) -  aids the body in absorbing calcium, facilitating immune functions and keeping your bones strong and healthy. Supports healthy neurofunction, DNA synthesis and red cell production.

Focus & Attention Herbal Blend for Kids (1 oz)- This blend contains herbs to assist your child’s mind and body by helping the body better manage stressors, calm the nervous system, and support cognition, allowing for focus, attention, and relaxation.

Digestive Food Enzymes (60 Count)- This Digestive Food blend is formulated to aid digestion, enhance nutrient absorption and restore balance to your gut biome. 

Baby Vitamin C Drops made with Organic Amla Fruit! (1 oz)- Support the Immune System and Overall Health & Wellness of Your Baby with Liquid Organic Vitamin C.

D3 + K2 Spray (1oz)-Strengthen Your Bones and Promote Heart Health with this Vegan Spray.

K2 + D3 Calcium Gummies (60 Count)- Maintain the Proper Balance Between K2, D3 & Calcium, With This Delicious Vegan Gummy.

Lemon Balm Leaf (1 oz)- As a nervine & nootropic herbal, this tincture may improve your mood, help you relax, and boost memory & cognition.

Liquid Morning Multivitamin Essentials+ (32oz)Essentials+ is an easily absorbed & readily bioavailable morning multivitamin, made to support your body’s metabolism, immune system & overall health.

Liquid Zinc (4 oz)Support Healthy Immune Function with this Easy-To-Take Liquid Zinc.

Vitamin C Gummies (60 Count)It is a useful antioxidant, supporting the immune system as it limits damage done by free radicals.

Kids Multivitamin Gummies (60 count)- Help Your Kiddo Beat Common Nutrient Deficiencies With This Tasty, Sugar-Free Gummy!

CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) Gummies (60 Count)- is an important antioxidant, is known to help heart conditions, lower blood pressure, and plays a crucial role in our metabolism.

Immunity Gummies (90 Count)- Let this Powerful Blend of Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin C and Echinacea Support Your Immune System.

Organic Methyl B12 Spray (1oz)- Support your body’s energy levels and benefit your brain by supporting neurofunction with a tasty berry spray.  


Organic Spirulina

Spirulina Benefits:

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Complete Protein

  • May reduce Allergy Symptoms

  • Assists in Weight Loss

  • Can help eliminate Brain Fog

  • Hair Growth & Hair Thickness

  • Immune Boosting

Organic Chlorella

Chlorella Benefits:

  • Gentle Daily Detoxer

  • Can Clear Skin

  • Can clear dioxins from Breast Milk

  • Aids Digestion & Leaky Gut

  • Can Reduce Under Eye Bags

  • Immune Boosting

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Plant based iron

200mg, 500mg, powder

There are no binders, fillers, pesticides, soy, gluten and are GMO free

Women's One - Nourish your Body for Energy and Vitality

Men's One - Nourish your Body for Energy and Vitality

Super C - Powerful Antioxidant, Immune and Collagen Support

Calm - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm (Individual Packets) - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm Gummies - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm Plus Calcium - A Magnesium Supplement with calcium

Calm Specifics (Calmful Gut) - A Comprehensive Blend of Probiotics and Enzymes to Promote a Healthy Gut

Calm Specifics (Calmful Muscles) - For Tired, Sore or Cramping Muscles

Calm Specifics (Kids) - For Kids Calm-Focus Drink

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