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Capsules Made In House From The Highest Quality Herbs:


Maca Root -

Men's Blend -

Maca Plus


Kids One Daily - Supports Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Kids B Complex - Supports Cognitive Function and A Sense of Calm

Vegan B12 - Supports Healthy Energy Levels

Bone Health - Helps Maintain Strong Bones

Thyroid Strength - Maintains Healthy Thyroid Balance and Function

Zinc - Promotes Immune Health

Complex C - Helps Support the Immune System

Vitamin D3 *2000 IU* - Supports Immune and Bone Health

One Daily - Supports Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Immune Defense - 5 Day Intense Wellness Plan

Calcium - Helps Maintain Bone and Teeth Health

Calcium and Magnesium - Helps Maintain Bone and Cardio Health

Magnesium - An Essential Mineral for Muscle Function

Baby and Me - Supports the Health of Mother and Developing Child

Multi for Women - Supports Health and Wellbeing

Baby and Me2 - Supports the Health of Mother and Developing Child

Multi for Men - Supports Health and Wellbeing

Turmeric Strength for Whole Body - Maintain a Healthy Inflammation Response

C Defense Gummies - Supports Daily Immune Function

D3 *1000 IU* Wellness Gummies - Supports Bone, Muscle and Immune Health

B12 Energy Gummies - Supports Cellular Energy Production

Daily C Protect Powder - Nutrient Booster Powder

Daily Energy - Nutrient Booster Powder

Kids Daily Immune Powder - Promotes a Healthy Immune Response

Kids Daily Multi Powder - Promotes Healthy Development and Wellbeing

Daily Maca Plus for Men - Nutrient Booster Powder

Daily Maca Plus for Women - Nutrient Booster Powder

MegaFlora Plus Probiotic - Supports Healthy Digestive & Immunity

MegaFlora Probiotic for Baby and Me - Supports Health of a Pregnant Mother & Developing Baby

MegaFlora Women's Probiotic - Supports Vaginal & Urinary Tract Health

MegaFlora Kids Probiotic - Promotes Healthy Immune & Respiratory Functions


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Organic Spirulina

Spirulina Benefits:

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Complete Protein

  • May reduce Allergy Symptoms

  • Assists in Weight Loss

  • Can help eliminate Brain Fog

  • Hair Growth & Hair Thickness

  • Immune Boosting

Organic Chlorella

Chlorella Benefits:

  • Gentle Daily Detoxer

  • Can Clear Skin

  • Can clear dioxins from Breast Milk

  • Aids Digestion & Leaky Gut

  • Can Reduce Under Eye Bags

  • Immune Boosting

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Plant based iron

200mg, 500mg, powder

There are no binders, fillers, pesticides, soy, gluten and are GMO free


Calm - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm (Individual Packets) - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm Gummies - A Magnesium Supplement

Calm Plus Calcium - A Magnesium Supplement with calcium

Calm Specifics (Calmful Gut) - A Comprehensive Blend of Probiotics and Enzymes to Promote a Healthy Gut

Calm Specifics (Calmful Muscles) - For Tired, Sore or Cramping Muscles

Calm Specifics (Kids) - For Kids Calm-Focus Drink