benefits of beets

3 Surprising and Delicious Health Benefits of Beets

Whether you love them or hate them, beetroots, commonly known as beets, are good for your health because ...
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5 Healthy Herbs to Cure the Winter Blues

Winter blues are a real thing. If winter blues seem to loom darker and darker each year for ...
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5 Ways to Bring the Energy You Want Into the New Year

It’s a new year, but it's not always a new you. Sometimes when the ball drops and the ...
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What Are Affirmations and How Do They Help?

Today we are discussing self affirmations. Maybe you've heard of them or maybe you haven't. If you are ...
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The Grounded Athlete | What is Grounding and Why is it Important?

We are excited to bring to you a very intriguing topic that will allow you to get exceptionally ...
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Creating Your Daily Routine: How and Why

If you are part of our Lessons in the Dirt Facebook Group, we recently discussed the importance of ...
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